Specialist Retailers 


Duchess China currently manufactures and decorates for a number of High Street brands.  We can assist you in designing patterns, designing bespoke shapes and have a number of contacts in the field of specialist packaging. 


The Process 


1. The idea - Our client will come up with some basic artwork, at this point we can advise you on what patterns will be successful, and what patterns will suit the shapes you are looking for.


2. Artwork Origination - Our specialist teams will develop the artwork and ensure that it is fitted to the ware.


3. Waterslide - We will get a print made which can be applied to the litho to show the exact positioning of the design, this will give you a feel of what the finished product will look like.


4. Colour Proofs - Once all the artwork has been approved we can get a proof set completed of your ware. This will mean that we can fire the ware and check colours, this establishes if there are any colour shifts during firing and these can be corrected if required.


5. Artwork printing - Now that the colours have all been approved, we can print your litho sheets ready for application to the whiteware.



We take great pride in ensuring the highest quality product and advise our clients that this process can sometimes be a lengthy one. Please allow yourself time to develop and test your designs fully.