Our classic whiteware range is made of two shapes - 


The Sussex Range has a smooth edge around the rims of the product and a taller more elegant shaping of the jugs and Teapots.

 The Amber range has a fluted edge around rims and a more traditional shaping of teapots and jugs.

Please note all weights are for guidance only and may vary slightly with individual items.

Tableware Range

Chop Plate 32cm Yes Yes   970g
Oval Plate 33cm Yes Yes  848g
Dinner Plate 26cm Yes Yes  553g
Dinner Plate 24cm Yes Yes   432g 
Dessert Plate 21cm Yes Yes   331g 
Tea Plate 16.5cm Yes Yes  177g
Coupe Plate 20.5cm Yes Yes  394g
Couple Plate 21cm Yes Yes  350g
Bread & Butter Plate   Yes Yes   405g 
Pasta Dish 30cm  Yes Yes  
Soup Cereal  16.5cm Yes Yes  249g
Rimmed Soup 22cm Yes  Yes  428g
Serving Bowl 23.5cm Yes Yes  596g
Salad Bowl 26cm Yes Yes  680g
Covered Veg 170cl / 60oz NA NA  1.27kg
Soup Tureen 3 Litre NA NA  1.71kg
Gravy Boat  42.5cl / 15oz  Yes Yes  280g

Gravy Boat Stand

   Yes Yes  210g
Consome Cup  28.4cl / 10oz       220g 
Consome Saucer        195g
Salt   Yes Yes  
Pepper   Yes Yes  
Egg Cup   Yes Yes  55g
Butter/Coaster   Yes Yes  
Teapot Sm (2 Cup) 51cl / 18oz Yes Yes  360g
Teapot Md (4 Cup) 85cl / 30oz Yes Yes   505g 
Teapot Lg (6 Cup) 142cl / 50oz Yes Yes  800g
Coffee Pot (6 Cup) 142cl / 50oz Yes Yes  757g
Chatsford Teapot Sm (2 Cup) 51cl / 18oz  No Yes  
Chatsford Teapot Lg (6 Cup) 142cl / 50oz  No Yes  
Open Sugar S/S  5oz Yes Yes  123g
Open Sugar L/S  10oz Yes Yes  190g
Covered Sugar S/S 37cl / 13oz Yes No  282g
Cream Jug S/S  17cl / 6oz Yes Yes  153g
Cream Jug L/S  42.6cl / 15oz Yes Yes  256g
1 Pt Jug 1 Pint / 20oz No Yes  333g
We have a extensive range of Fine Bone China Mugs available - please see our store for more details on sizes and capacities.
Some items may be made at special request for large quanitites.

Amber - Edge Detail (Fluted)

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Sussex - Edge Detail (Smooth)

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Mugs - Data and Images
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